Tatiana Capitan

Founder / President

Founder of Miami Gifted Children, Inc.Translator by trade, artist at heart.Mom to two rambunctious boys, ages 9 and 6; one formally identified gifted/ADHD. We are currently homeschooling.

Kirsten Schwarz


SLP & Director at Design Therapy of Miami.Professor in School of Education & Human Development at University of Miami.Mom to 9 year old son attending the Program for Gifted Students.

Yahilin Laseca


Dual Language curriculum specialist and senior publishing professional.Mom to 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter, both gifted/ADHD.We have been homeschooling for two years and recently relocated to Miami from Chicago.

We're always looking for passionate and dedicated people to actively help us accomplish our mission by serving on our Board of Directors. You can apply here: Application Form. Keep in mind that our B.O.D. is a working board, and you will be expected to volunteer your time. Our Board Members serve as ambassadors of Miami Gifted Children, Inc. and advocate its mission to internal and external stakeholders.

If you're not able to serve on our Board of Directors at this time, please consider signing up as a volunteer. If you have a business or represent a nonprofit, please consider filling out our collaborator application.