Miami Gifted Children, Inc.

Miami's Resource for Parents and Guardians of Gifted Children

Our Mission:

Our mission is to support the intellectual growth and socioemotional well-being of gifted and twice-exceptional children.


We want these incredibly intelligent, curious, creative, and intense children to have access to all the tools they need to grow up to be well-rounded individuals, successful not only in their academic lives and future careers, but in their personal lives as well. Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with the parents/guardians of gifted/2e children to nurture emotionally healthy individuals.

What we do:

Our Story:

It all started with one confused and overwhelmed parent trying to find local resources for her recently identified gifted (already diagnosed ADHD) child. I, Tatiana Capitan, was in the process of advocating for my son within the school system when he was tested and identified as gifted. In the hopes of getting answers and guidance from other parents in Miami, while also helping any other parents who may have similar questions which I could in turn answer, I started a FB Group which slowly but surely grew to include not only parents of gifted children, but also gifted advocates, child psychologists, gifted specialists, and teachers of the gifted. 

During conversations within the FB group and in person, it became clear that there is a general lack of understanding about what giftedness is, and a need for affordable mental health services provided by people who understand the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional children. By reaching out to fellow parents within the FB group and meeting with anyone who might be interested in our mission, we were able to form our Founding Board, and are officially a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization as of March 29, 2019! This is a community effort and we’re reaching out to any individuals and organizations who we can collaborate with to provide the services our community needs.

We are here to support the gifted and twice-exceptional children in our community, and the adults involved in their everyday lives. In order to support these children, we must also educate, guide, and support the adults who will be raising them <3

Thank you,

Tatiana Capitan